© 2018 Lucas Pixel. "Status Update" is entirely fictional. Any similarity of the characters to any actual person, living or dead, is entirely coincidental and unintentional. All events are made up for the purposes of entertainment.


Lucas Pixel originally hails from Boston, MA and currently resides in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. He has extensive experience working on the client-side and agency-side of social media marketing, including five luxurious years of always-on-call, nearly 24 hours a day work in Los Angeles, CA. 

"Status Update" is his cathartic way of dealing with his hatred of social media. In the ultimate irony, he'd love if you followed the comic on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

In his free time, Lucas enjoys reading, playing with his cats, and ordering pizza to his neighbor's house every day for the past three weeks in order to listen to them argue then ultimately pay for and eat the pizza.

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